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This is for children who attend Houghton Nursery and Houghton Primary School. Parents can leave children from 8.00am before nursery or school and collect children up to 6.00pm after school.

The emphasis is on having fun, relating and playing together - a contrast to school. We have a variety of activities from crafts to computers. Help with homework can also be given. Our experienced staff are there to interact and ensure the children enjoy themselves while being safe and secure.

Houghton Primary School children attending the Breakfast Club will be escorted by a member of staff at 8.50am to the assembly point in the playground for the start of school. Reception children are escorted direct to the classroom by staff each morning. Please note the serving of breakfast finishes at 8.40am.

Houghton Primary School children attending our After School Club will be escorted direct from the school to our building. All children will be collected via the main doors by a parent or the person authorised in the application form. It is our policy that no child will be released into the care of anyone else without prior agreement.

Houghton Holiday Club is open for children aged 2½ - 11 years. We are open Monday to Friday between 8.00am to 6.00pm during the holiday periods, with the exception of Bank Holidays.

The Holiday Club is run by fully qualified and experienced staff, assisted by dedicated holiday club helpers. The children have access to a variety of activities, such as painting, baking and hama beads but with lots more on offer. They also have the use of computers with programmes designed for all ages and access to the Internet. In addition they can enjoy spending time with friends using the Wii or playstation. During the warm weather the children can enjoy the use of the school playing fields. Football, rounders and riding bikes are just some of the activities enjoyed by both the children and the staff. Children are encouraged to take part in all activities but the emphasis is always on having fun.

The Holiday Club provides healthy and nutritious snacks, both mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Fresh drinking water is available all day.

Houghton Holiday Club is a great place to be. Children can relax and have fun with their friends while in a safe and caring environment.

Houghton Nursery Group